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this is why alisoon rules the schools

::me:: i had a german chocolate martini this weekend
::me:: and boy if i ain't craving another one right now
alison: that sounds delicious
::me:: oh it was soo good
::me:: and right after that, i had a pineapple upside down martini
::me:: yep
::me:: i need a martini RIGHT NOW
alison: you make me hungry
alison: for drunkeness
::me:: i am sorry
::me:: do i make you hungry for cock too?
alison: no, not so much
alison: maybe boobs
alison: but not cock
::me:: a martini between my boobs?
::me:: is that what you want?
alison: yeeeeeeeeessssss
::me:: whoa
::me:: alison, you are fucking awesome
alison: you must have an amazing psychic portal into my id
alison: you only say that because you want me to imbibe hard liquor from your bosom
::me:: heh, anybody drinking a fabulsou martinit from between my breasts flavoured like some sort of cake is a greta idea
::me:: you suggetsing it, makes it even better
alison: we need to have a boobs and liquor party
alison:the best theme party EVER
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