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what do two depressed people talk about? well, how to market killing yourself.

john: *g*

rosalie: hey, we shoudl write our own psa posters

john: how so? what would our announcement be?

rosalie: "bottle it up and kill yourself! nobody cares!"

rosalie: it would be awesome

john: lol
john: it would rule

rosalie: "you think you're worthless? you just might be!"

john: YES!!!

rosalie: "Nobody loves you! not even yourself!"
rosalie: i think we're onto something big with this

john: you remember when I used to write those disinspirational slogans on restaurant coasters? that was fun.
john: this is bigger!
john: (Link:

rosalie: it was to be like 1950s posters. loads of color and people pointing

john: that would be cool.
john: very cognative dissonance kinda thing

rosalie: and our tv ads could be like b movie teasers

john: *g*

rosalie: "it came out of no where. it was bigger than you imagined. you feel it now. the weight of the world is UPON YOU"

john: Perfect.

rosalie: we can have colorful instruction booklets on how to kill yourself and everybody in them is smiling
rosalie: "up the arm, not across the writs"

john: Each dog has his day. Today is yours.

rosalie: ooo ooo!
rosalie: i got a great one

john: Razor blades and warm baths -- an All-American combination!
john: spit it out

rosalie: it's just a giant picture of a pile of dog shit
rosalie: and it says at teh bottom "see this? this is you."
rosalie: yes!

john: ("Pills: don't spit, swallow")
john: perfect

rosalie: pills + booze = end of your pain and ours

john: "Think it can't get any worse? It has."

rosalie: "yes, one day it'll all get better, but you won't live to see it."

john: (Link:

rosalie: rock
rosalie: "make sure to clear your calender. yu don't want to be interupted."

john: "Die as you have lived, alone."

rosalie: "a real suicidal person won't leave a note. it gives an air of mystery and gives a false sense of intrigue."
rosalie: oh MAN that one was a zinger.

john: *g*
john: "Beat the taxman. Kill yourself."

rosalie: "why clean up before you leave your motral coil? what are you ashamed of? you can't be emberassed once you die. leave teh sex toys out in the open."

john: lol
john: awesome

rosalie: "why die alone when you can take the whole office with you?"

john: YES
john: "Going postal: because it is better to give than to receive."

rosalie: "in mass suicides, don't trust your partners. be the last one to die, you don't want anybody running off and spoiling the fun."

john: *g*
john: "Shut up and drink your Kool-Aid"

rosalie: "killing yourself is a messy business. remember to not wear your best pants, because you'll shit them."

john: *g*
john: "Dying young: if it's good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for you."

rosalie: "the good die young, and you're doing nothing but getting older."

john: YES
john: "Life is wasted on the living."

rosalie: "why bother to leave a note. nobody cares."

john: "You are not a unique and beautiful snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else." [To bite the fight club]

rosalie: "bored? got nothing to do? all alone on a friday night? kill yourself!"
rosalie: copout.

john: "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Yourself."

rosalie: "even your corpse will be a waste of space."

john: "Every time you cut yourself, and angel gets its wings."
john: "They're all going to laugh at you."

rosalie: copout!

john: "Shop at Hot Topic? Then you'll love Jones Brothers, Undertakers."

rosalie: "in our modern fast paced society, we need things yesterday. waiting is not an option in your life, so why wait to die?"

john: yes.
john: I can see who's got the brains of this operation !

rosalie: if you want them, you can pick them off the wall when i blow them out

john: "Learn from other cultures: become a suicide bomber."
john: =/

rosalie: ha ha ha
rosalie: "suicide bombers even have a use. you don't."

john: "The Second Amendment, enabling suicides since 1789."
john: (right to bear arms)

rosalie: "is just getting high not enough anymore? you still have reality to face when the drugs wear off? why can't reality go away? why not take your drug habit to the next step? overdose!"

john: this stuff is killer

rosalie: owch

john: "Think of everything you've accomplished in your life. Not much, huh? Well, make tonight something people will remember you for... Self-Immolation gets you noticed."
john: Speaking of suicide, I'm going for a cig.
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