Karla Marx (evilchick) wrote in hot_shower_kids,
Karla Marx

Costume Party

We need to get together and work on stuff for DragonCon.

What weekends are good for people?
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None of them, really. I work weekends. I can probably clear my Saturday if I know early enough in advance. That would allow for some peachy-keen Friday-
Saturday overlap time.

Let me know, and I'll work around it.
I'm in that same boat, which I why I'm trying to pin down a date. I need to request the time off. But we don't seem to be getting tons of response here.
Obviously only our costumes will rock.

I'm trying to weasel out of Saturday shift (Newly shortened Saturday hours make it a closing shift, which is not cool when I have to open Sunday morning). Should I succeed, we'll pick a weekend at random.

You could try posting in the Sohma Con Posse comunity Rosalie set up. Not that you'll get any better response there, but you may feel more acomplished.
Well, given that I am free most weekends, just let me know when you guys wanna do this thing. Next weekend?