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x-mas present/mixed cd

if you know you, you know i take great pride in making my comp cds. they are pretty emotional and sometimes i take up to three months in arranging/placing/finding just the right tracks/flow.

well i made another one. and i was thinking of giving it outt as x-mas presents... but i know not everybody wants one and all that. some peopel don't go for teh fine art of a mixed tape/cd. hell, you should see the cover art i've come up with.

well if you want one, please speak up now becuase i have to have a number ahead of time before i go to the printer's (specially designed cd cases, motha fuckers)

so yeah, leave a comment if you want one. the sooner the better.
sorry if this seems -cheap- to you for x-mas present, but i'm poor. but at least you're getting a work of art that i've spent a ungodly amount of time on. and it's a very important mix to me.

plus, each one will have something personalized about it.
some little hidden thing about it just for you.

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