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 this is not the art i bought!
[waves hand jedi style] this is not the piece i bought.

Who: me and Mark Mothersbaugh (in spirit)

What: i say "shindig" others might say "party" but i think that word connotates rowdiness and some such which ain't gonna be the. plus party sounds like drinking, and i don't drink so you guys gotta bring your own shit or finish off what i own.

When: Saturday, March 20. 9:00 p.m.

Where: my living room

Why: Art, my dear fellow, Art!

i recently have purchased a pretty expensive peice of art done by one of my idols since childhood (and yes, childhood. dad has photos of me in diapers hitting people saying "deee-bo, daddy! deee-bo!"), Mark Mothersbaugh.

it is now wonderfully hung in my living room on display. Mark has requested that anyone who owns a peice of his work takes a photo of where it's displayed in any manner possible. so i'm gonna take a photo and maybe have some with us in it and have geeks around the world admire us for good reason.

also might showcase some of my newers finished products of my own. not that it's as good and this fellow's but hell! might as well.

R.S.V.P.: please at least give me a "hey bitch, i'm coming over!" or some such thing. the more the merrier! don't be afraid to ask for directions. i'll have snacks. tell me if you're allergic or have special diets needs so i can pick and choose who to say "uh, yeah, i didn't feel like catering to your needs, so i catered to my own!" :D

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